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No matter what your business is or how long you have been in operation, to ensure that you and your family get the most out of your years of hard work, it is imperative that you develop a succession plan that deals with both expected and unexpected events.

How would your business continue and be valued without you?

Every business, including yours needs to prepare, but developing a business succession plan is not easy.

You need an expert; fortunately Geoff Gillette & Co, who are located on the Gold Coast can help you setup a succession plan for expected progression and the unexpected.

Most small businesses principles and their families have heavily invested in the businesses they own – financially and emotionally.

Inter-generational transfers that involve parents and siblings who are at different life stages, may be living in different states or countries and with different priorities are difficult to manage effectively and harmoniously.

It is important to look at the end goal and work towards that. Geoff Gillette can provide you the right advice to ensure you set your succession plan provides peace of mind and they can assist you reach your desired outcome.

Geoff Gillette and his Gold Coast accounting team approach succession planning in two stages – make sure your business is as prepared as possible for the unexpected and then we plan for how the business can develop and implement strategies to realise your expected exit from the business.

Starting with identifying your assets and understanding the implications of changing ownership and whether a will or trust deed is needed to facilitate the changeover.

Included in this is ensuring you have the right accounting professionals to execute your plans effectively and work with them ongoing. This includes reviewing the succession plan when circumstances or tax laws change. Finally, implementing the plan effectively when the time comes and ensuring the process is done as smooth as possible.

Reviewing the succession plan when circumstances or tax laws change. Finally, implementing the plan effectively when the time comes and ensuring the process is done as smooth as possible.

No matter how big your business is, or what your specific circumstances, the right succession plan is crucial to protect your years of hard work. Geoff Gillette & Co has the solution for you, tailored for your specific needs. Contact Geoff at his offices at Burleigh, on the Gold Coast today to protect your family’s future.